• SpeKei is your solution

    to being locked out or having to wait for clients to pick up your key

    Through a moderate annual fee, and a small collection fee - SpeKei is a cost effective, handy and safe alternative to climbing into windows, calling a lock smith or leaving your spare key under the front door mat . Even better - SpeKei saves YOU time and money but providing a safe and secure method to leave your keys for your tenants.

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  • SpeKei partners up with
    Convenience Stores

    Become a SpeKei location. If you own or run a convenience store that is open 24 hours / 7 days we want to hear from you and invite you to become a SpeKei Location. This opportunity would be suitable for convenience stores, fuel stations and hotels. If your store isn't 24/7 but has long opening hours, we could have opportunities for you to. Excellent returns are available. Register today.

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  • Leave a key

    for any building!

    Being locked out of any building is no fun .. Having to wait around for clients to pick up a key is no fun. SpeKei solves that issue for a fraction of the cost of your time.

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What is SpeKei?

How does SpeKei Work?

SpeKei is the service of leaving your Spare Keys anonymously with a local 24/7 convenience store aka a KeyDrop Location. It allows you to be able to collect the keys at anytime day or night in the event you've locked yourself out or need to let someone you know into your home / office / AirBnb or Rental Accommodation.
Your information will never ever be connected to your key. When you register, we will only collect your name, email address, a contact phone number and your postcode. We will never collect your mailing address. Once registered you will be able to collect a SpeKei container from a SpeKei KeyDrop location. Register the container on your account and return the container to the store with your key inside. The only identification on the container will be a unique SpeKei Code.


Great Prices

Even if you lock yourself out once every three years, SpeKei is still cheaper than ordering a locksmith, safer than climbing through a window or leaving a key under a rock and more convenient than calling someone is up at 3am who might have your key.
SpeKei is also designed to allow owners of Businesses, AirBnB locations, Real Estate Agents or other rental accommodation to safely store their keys at our KeyDrop locations. By giving access to your key via our site to your clients, this allows them to pick up yours keys 24/7.
Normal day to day businesses can also store their business's keys with SpeKei, avoiding the issue of .. 'Um, I thought YOU had the key'.

Local SpeKei DropKey locations?

SpeKei DropKey locations are popping up everywhere!
Registering an interest in SpeKei is free. You will not be need to pay until SpeKei is in your area and you can lodge you key. Register now with a Name / User name / Contact Phone Number / Email Address and Postcode.
Do you run a 24/7 Convenience store? In order for SpeKei to operate, we need your 24/7 businesses (or a business that opens late) to come on board and sign up as a SpeKei DropKey location.

About us

Like any business - the idea of SpeKei came from a solution to a problem.

SpeKei started out one day ... as you can imagine .. when I locked myself out of my apartment. I had left a spare key with my neighbour (who was out). I had a spare key with my parents (1 hour drive away .. without my wallet or any cash). Climbing up the outside of my building wasn't an option. I'd been clever, but not that clever. I saw that there was an opportunity utilising the convenience of 24 hour a day / seven day a week convenience stores. What if I could leave a spare key?

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